Hail Satan?

When media-savvy members of the Satanic Temple organize a series of public actions designed to advocate for religious freedom and challenge corrupt authority, they prove that with little more than a clever idea, a mischievous sense of humor, and a few rebellious friends, you can speak truth to power in some truly profound ways. As charming and funny as it is thought-provoking, Hail Satan? offers a timely look at a group of often misunderstood outsiders whose unwavering commitment to social and political justice has empowered thousands of people around the world. An inspiring and entertaining new feature documentary from acclaimed director Penny Lane (Nuts!, Our Nixon).

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Director: Penny Lane
Cast: Jex Blackmore, Chalice Blythe, Nicholas Crowe
Language: English
Genre: Docementary
Rating: R
Run time: 1 hour 35 minutes