Hey Varsity fans, don’t be alarmed by the fence out front. We’re just getting some work done on the roofing. We look forward to re-opening once it is safe to do so!

Due to many requests, we will finally offer Davis Varsity Movie Passes through our sister business Mishkas Cafe’s web site. While you’re there, purchase some of Mishka’s bulk coffee and $3 of every sale will go to supporting the Davis Varsity. Please note that Varsity passes cannot be used to purchase movie rentals online.

Dear Varsity supporters,

Many of you have asked us if you can help in any way during these trying times and we finally have an answer for you.
Thanks to the support of a group of small studios, we are bringing you a selection of quality movies that you can stream at home. The movie magic will be even greater knowing that one half of each rental will actually go to Davis Varsity. With your help we hope to be ready to once again open doors for live audiences, many months after the last vestiges of the COVID-19 crisis are forgotten.

We hope to be able to offer many more titles in the coming weeks.

Stay tuned and stay safe!